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Quote Date 10/05/2018
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Andy Kenny
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1 Booking: XL Sports Package

Preferred Area: Live Bar
Booking Date: 2018-06-15
Booking Time: 15:30
Number of People: 2
Telephone: 07944205446
Email: olympicmascot@aol.com
Loyalty card: No
Other Comments: Hi - we just want a good view of the big curved screen to watch two World Cup matches straight after work - Morocco v Iran at 4pm and then the main event Portugal v Spain at 7pm. We will be drinking throughout and will want some food too. I chose the XL Sports Package as that was the only one appropriate on the list, but if possible would like to be able to choose food and drink as required rather than have to order bucket of beers and pizza specifically. Hope this is ok, can you please let me know? Look forward to attending on 15 June. Thanks Andy.

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