Quote Number QUO-0458
Quote Date 28/02/2019
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Scott O'Callaghan
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1 Private Hire: XL Sports Package

Preferred Area: Lower Live Bar
Booking Date: 2019-06-01
Booking Time: 19:00
Number of People: 20
Email: scottioc88@gmail.com
Loyalty card: No
Other Comments: Hi, I would to enquire into the costs and services available for a group of friends and I to watch the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday 1st June. There will be circa 20 of us (I can confirm exact numbers nearer the time), and would be interested in any drinks and/or food deals you may offer, and would like a clear view of a screen. I have picked the Lower Live Bar just based on personal experience, but happy to consider other areas. Some will also likely want to play the tables and machines as well, and if required, are all willing to register for a V card prior to or on the evening. Thanks, Scott

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