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1 Booking: VIP Package

Preferred Area: Live Bar
Booking Date: 2018-02-14
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Telephone: 07476610846
Email: julieboolie@hotmail.com
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Other Comments: So im.wanting to book for Valentine's meal.
The problem I have is we can't eat anything containing carbohydrates.
The main meal is easy we can have steak with steamed veg.
But the starter and the dessert your offering are high in carbs.
Is there any chance my partner could have chicken or a different meat as a starter I could have halloumi and the only dessert is sugar free jelly with full fat thick cream.
Sorry to be fully but we can eat high fat no carbs.
I can totally understand if this is not possible but could you speak with the chef tell him we are on the atkins diet and have to be very strict.
Much appreciated

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