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Zoe Webb
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Other Comments: Hi,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, but before I move forward with this, I want to say that I can imagine you receive a lot of requests for help/support/fundraising etc.

My name is Zoe Webb and I am the fundraising co-ordinator for a newly established fundraising group who is hoping in the near future to be granted charity status.

The organisation is called SCUFF (Scar Cover Up Freedom Fund) was set up by my best friend Jess who had her own life changing scar cover up. She has suffered with mental health issues for over 15 years, but in January 2018 she had a major breakdown and was hospitalised, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and finally started to get the help I needed. Unfortunately after her hospitalisation she was left with large scars covering both arms. She was very conscious of them, and although not ashamed of her battle, she felt that if she went out uncovered she would be constantly judged. She contacted a local tattooist and asked if she could help. She was unable to fund this herself as due to her recent hospitalisation she had lost her job which meant she couldn’t afford it which left her trapped. Luckily she amazing friends stepped in and covered the full cost of the cover up. She now feels like a new person. She is now confident and excited to go out, she finally felt free. She battle scars had been transformed into beautiful works of art.
After a chat with a lady from Mind in Bradford, she realised she wanted to set up a fund, so that others who want cover ups, but can't afford it, can have them done. Since then she has asked three friends to support her on her journey with this charity and although recently set up we already have a FB page, website, have ordered flyers, banners, etc and have been on the CALENDAR NEWS!!

So you now the reason for my email, I am trying to set up an online auction to raise funds (and of course give you some serious publicity on our website/fb page, etc.

If you are unable to help us, then thank you for talking the time to read this. If you can share our page that would be amazing and if you know of any other organisation who could help please do let us know. Our page has people as a wide audience, so any item offered would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Zoe Webb

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