Loyalty Cards And Rewards | Victoria Gate Casino | Leeds


Every visit to the must-see casino in the North gives you a chance to build up the points on your Sapphire loyalty card. Hear about the latest events first, get complimentary selected beverages, cloakroom, and access to exclusive player bonuses.
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Regularly playing our tables and slots? You’ll be in line to raise from Sapphire to an Amethyst loyalty card. Besides all the great rewards available with your Sapphire loyalty card, you’ll also get 25% discount on food and drink purchases and a special birthday offer among other great deals.


For premium players, we have the ultimate loyalty card experience: Ruby. Enjoy all the rewards of a Sapphire and Amethyst, along with a whole host of exclusive perks including access to the VIP team every time you visit, 50% discount on food and drink purchases and discounted car parking.

Tier Credits

How do I move up a tier?

Sapphire is just the start as you’ll also receive Tier Credits every time you visit and play with us. Moving up a tier opens up more prestigious exclusives to make each visit even better than the last.
Every time you earn a Reward Point it is added to your Tier Credit Score, which determines your Card Status. Tier Credits are earned over a 6 month period.
There are two further tiers, but no matter what tier you hold, our Loyalty Cards offer more on all the experiences you love.

Amethyst 4,000
Ruby 32,000