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  • Legal

    General Terms and Conditions




  • The name of the venue is the Victoria Gate Casino and its address is Victoria Gate, 26 Eastgate, Leeds LS2 7JL (hereinafter called the Casino).
  • The Proprietor of the Casino is Global Gaming Ventures (Leeds) Ltd, Registered Address of 11 John Princes Street, London W1G 0JR (hereinafter called the Proprietor).
  • The Proprietor will provide the Casino with the premises and all reasonable necessities for operating Casino in accordance with its objects and these Rules.
  • The Proprietor will be solely responsible for all expenses connected therein, and, through regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors and the action of the board’s duly elected Company Officers, shall have entire control of all matters connected with the Casino except as otherwise stated below.


  • The objectives of the Casino are to provide non-political, social and recreational activities and to provide premises for social engagement, refreshment and gambling, in accordance with the law.


  • The Casino does not operate a formal membership system, however, customers are encouraged to register and join the V Loyalty Card programme.
  • Customers will be required to provide formal identification at certain financial thresholds (to be determined by the Proprietor from time to time) to ensure compliance with AML/CTF legislation, thereby effectively joining the V Loyalty Card programme.
  • The Proprietor may, as part of its ID verification and due diligence process, conduct personal, financial and other background checks on its customers, in accordance with the governing legislation, include the use of third party due diligence software.
  • The Proprietor may, as part of its regulatory obligations, seek information relating to the source of customer funds. Furthermore, the Proprietor retains the right to not proceed with any transactions and or freeze any monies in its possession until it has (a) obtained sufficient information to its sole satisfaction and (b) has completed any other processes required under AML/CTF legislation.
  • The Casino shall duly respect the privacy of its customers and shall collate, hold and share data in accordance with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to enter the Casino. The Casino implemented a “Challenge 21” policy in support of this restriction.


  • The Proprietor is committed to its social responsibility obligations and has developed its own policies to promote responsible gambling and provide assistance to those who may have difficulty in controlling their gambling.
  • As part of this commitment, the Proprietor has joined a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme for problem gamblers, known as “SENSE”. Any self-exclusion shall remain in forced for a minimum period of 6 months.
  • Customers are reminded that the premises are operated on an “Open Door” basis and whilst the Proprietor will use its best endeavours to prevent entry to any self-excluded customer, it remains the responsibility of the customer not to enter or attempt to enter or gamble in the Casino.
  • The Proprietor shall not be liable for any losses suffered by any customer found to have contravened their self-exclusion agreement. Furthermore, the Proprietor, in its sole and absolute discretion, shall not return any stake monies and will refuse the payment of any winnings or may seek to recover any winnings reasonably identified as being held or paid in contravention of this agreement.

Exclusion of Customers

  • The Proprietor may, in its absolute discretion, at any time and without explanation, exclude a customer from the Casino.
  • Any such excluded customer shall forfeit any rights and privileges within the Casino or against the Proprietor.
  • The Proprietor may, at its sole and absolute discretion, disclose information about a customer to relevant authorities and other casino companies, for the prevention and detection of crime, insofar as it is consistent with its obligations under the data Protection Act 1998.

General Conditions

  • The Proprietor is committed to ensuring that gambling is kept crime-free and conducted in a fair and open manner. Accordingly, where any suspicious activity is identified, the Casino reserves the right to seize funds until such reasonable time as an investigation has been concluded.
  • If, in the opinion of the Proprietor, in its absolute and sole discretion, a customer or customers are deemed to have cheated in the Casino, or have been involved in any fraud, unfair, illicit, malpractice or criminal act, the customer or customers shall forfeit any winnings, stakes funds or any claim against the Proprietor.
  • Cameras or any other device for taking photographs or recording images or sound may not be used in the Casino without the approval of the Manager.
  • For security purposes and the safety and comfort of its customers and staff, the Casino operates closed-circuit television (CCTV) and audio recording within the premises. Customers agree by entering the premises that any image and audio recording may be captured and used and disclosed to third parties, insofar as the Company has a legitimate right to do so.
  • Electronic devices for the use in or to assist with gaming whether used overtly or covertly are expressly prohibited.
  • For the safety and comfort of all customers, mobile telephones should not be used whilst gaming (at the gaming and poker tables, electronic or otherwise) or in proximity to the gaming machines.
  • For the safety and comfort of its customers and staff, the Casino operates a right of search policy as a mandatory condition of entry. The Proprietor retains the right, at its sole discretion, to implement an entry, on premises and or exit search of customers’ clothing and hand luggage or accessories. All search will be at the discretion of management or its SIA Door Supervisors.
  • The Proprietor reserves the right to refuse permission to anyone that does not reasonably comply with its right of search or who otherwise is found to carry articles or items that, in its absolute and sole discretion, it believes to be inappropriate for passage into the Casino.
  • The Casino operates a “zero tolerance” policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the Casino and reported to the Police. Anyone found to be asking for drugs or offering drugs will also be banned.
  • Slot machine or electronic gaming machine cash out tickets are non-transferrable and expire after a period of 90 days, payment may be forfeited after this time.
  • Customers must not participate in any systematic and organized money lending from within the premises.
  • Customers must be appropriately dressed to enter the Casino and remain on the premises. A decision on whether someone is or is not appropriately dressed is at the sole discretion of management, but may include sportswear, football shirts and soiled or dirty clothing.
  • No game of hazard or chance shall be played in the Casino other than in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations applicable thereto.
  • Social relationships between customers and members of the Casino management and staff are strictly forbidden.
  • Animals are not allowed in the Casino, with the except for Guide Dogs.
  • The Proprietor shall not pay winnings to any person where they have reason to believe that the person is Under 18.
  • The Proprietor may withhold from customers the payment of stakes and winnings for the purposes of recovery (in whole, or in part) of any outstanding debt owed by the customer to the Proprietor.
  • Any funds held for or on behalf of a customer are not subject to any special protection in the event of the insolvency of the Proprietor.
  • Staff are required to implement validity checks on bank notes and foreign currency. Where any suspected forgeries or anomalies are identified, the Casino is required to retain such items and may notify the Police.
  • The casino makes use of promotional chips as part of its marketing strategy. Promotional chips carry a nominal value expressed in pence and have no negotiable value. They cannot be cashed out, transferred or used for any other purpose other than for enhanced odds bets on gaming table.
  • Whenever a player has drawn on a cheque facility, the customer is required to redeem any outstanding cheques before the balance payment is made.
  • No Customer shall use the name of the Casino or its Loyalty Programme for any form of advertising whatsoever, whether reference to the Casino or Loyalty Programme is made on notepaper, business cards, business premises or in any way whatsoever.
  • Handheld electronic gaming devices supplied to the customer by the casino can only be used within designated gaming areas and cannot be used at or near any gaming tables or other gambling device (within 2m).
  • The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Casino will be permitted during the licensing hours in force within the licensing area or such other hours as may be granted by the local authority.
  • Subject to any conditions imposed on the Liquor License, intoxicating liquor shall only be sold to customers or persons admitted with the permission of the Proprietor.
  • Customers are not permitted to bring onto the premises, any food, beverage or intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises. Any sale or resale of any item or products on the premises is strictly forbidden.
  • Complaints or suggestions may be made to Casino Management. However, customers are not permitted to reprimand or abuse any member of staff.
  • A complimentary Wi-Fi service is offered to customers, those who choose to utilize this service must accept the Proprietor’s Terms of Use Policy. The Proprietor is not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused through using this service and will not be held responsible for any such outcome.
  • From time to time, the Proprietor may add, alter or revoke these Casino Rules. The Casino Rules are posted in the casino reception and on the Victoria Gate Casino website, therefore any additions, alterations or revocations shall be considered to have been brought to the customer’s attention.
  • The Proprietor shall be the sole authority for interpreting the Casino Rules and for settling any disputes relating to the affairs of the Casino, and the conduct of the customers in relation thereto, but any question arising as to the rights or powers or duties of the Proprietor in relation to the Casino shall be solely determined by the Proprietor.
  • The Proprietor operates a Complaints and Disputes policy, in accordance with the governing regulations. A copy of the policy is available upon request.  However, customers are reminded that it is necessary to adhere to this policy and permit the Casino to complete any internal investigations and reviews, prior to any referral to a third party dispute resolution services.


  • The Casino are only obliged to pay winnings that have been genuinely won in accordance with the Casino Rules.
  • You accept that our products and services are provided to you “as is” with any faults or failings and any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee whatsoever, express or implied (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of accuracy, completeness, uninterrupted provision, quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non- infringement) excluded to the full extent permitted by law.
  • Under no circumstances (including, without limitation, negligence) may the Casino nor its staff be held liable for any injury, loss, claim, loss of data, income, profit or opportunity, loss or damage to property, general damages or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any customer’s access to, or use of, or inability to use, our Casino and any products and services available therein, even if we have has been advised of the possibility of such damages or loss or that such loss was foreseeable.
  • Customers specifically acknowledge, agree and accept that the Casino nor its staff are not liable to you for: –
  • defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any other customer;
  • any loss whatsoever arising from the use, abuse or misuse of our Casino; or
  • any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data or communications’ lines failure, distributed denial of service attacks, viruses or any other adverse technological consequence of your choosing to use our products and services and which affects the conduct thereof.
  • The accuracy or completeness of any information provided within our Casino.
  • Any failure on our part to observe any self-exclusion policies that we may have in place from time to time.
  • Any failure on our part to interact with you where we may have concerns about your activities.
    • Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall operate so as to exclude or restrict our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.
    • Where, in the opinion of the Proprietor, there are reasons to believe that your acts or omissions constitute a breach of these Rules, the Proprietor reserves the right to suspend or permanently exclude you from the Casino.

Privacy Policy

  • The Proprietor takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy sets out our data processing practices and your options regarding the ways in which your personal information is used. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices, please speak to a member of staff at the time you register to become a member.
  • The Casino collects personal information from customers through the use of loyalty registration forms, to satisfy required customer due diligence / enhanced due diligence and when you contact us.
  • The Casino will use your information collected for the purposes of:
  • Providing and personalising its services;
  • dealing with customer enquiries and requests;
  • discharging its duties insofar as ensuring we prevent gambling being associated with crime.
  • carrying out market research surveys;
  • contacting you (by e-mail, SMS, telephone or post) with information about our products and services, as indicated in our registration form;
  • sharing your information with third party organisations who offer products or services which we feel may be of interest to you (providing you agree to receive such information).
    • The Casino may also use and disclose information in aggregate form (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes.
    • When you complete our loyalty registration form, you are asked to confirm whether you do not wish to receive information about our products or services. You may opt-out of receiving marketing communications at any time by contacting the Casino.
    • The Casino will only disclose personal information to government bodies and law enforcement agencies, future owners of our business and suppliers we engage to process data on our behalf.
    • Customers have a right to access the personal data held about you. To obtain a copy of this data, please complete a Data Subject Request Form which a Casino Manager will provide and send it to:-
  • The Data Protection Officer, Victoria Gate Casino, 26 Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7JL enclosing a cheque for £10.00 made payable to GGV (Leeds) Ltd.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  • These Casino Rules and all of their constituent parts are governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have the non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes that arise out of or in relation to them, other than any disputes that fail to be dealt with by our Complaints and Disputes procedure.

Additional Terms

  • These Casino Rules constitute the entire agreement between us in connection with its subject matter and supersede all prior representations, communications, negotiations and understandings concerning the subject matter of our relationship.
  • The Proprietor shall not be liable for any breach of this agreement directly or indirectly caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control and which prevents us from performing our obligations to you.
  • Customers may not assign, transfer, charge, create a trust over or otherwise deal in its rights and/or obligations under these Casino Rules (or purport to do so) without our prior written consent. We are entitled to assign, transfer, charge, create a trust over or otherwise deal in our rights under these Casino Rules as we see fit.
  • If any of these Casino Rules are deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that part shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of these Casino Rules and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.
  • No term or provision of these Casino Rules shall be considered as waived by any party unless a waiver is given in writing by that party.
  • Nothing said or written by any employee or agent of the Casino shall constitute a variation of these Casino Rules an authorised representation about the nature or quality of any aspect of the products or services that we offer. Except in the case of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, we shall have no liability to you for any such unauthorised representation.
  • Except for customers of Victoria Gate Casino, a person who is not party to these Casino Rules has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce them.
  • The Casino Rules are drafted in the English language. If also drafted in another language and there is a conflict or inconsistency between the English language text and any text in another language, the English language text shall prevail.

Cookies Policy

  • Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive by a website. Cookies help us improve our website and your experience. We use cookies to see which areas and features are popular and to count visits to our websites, to recognise you as a returning visitor and to tailor your experience of the websites according to your preferences. We may also use cookies for targeting or advertising purposes.
  • The Casino use Google Analytics on some of its websites to collect information about your online activity on the websites, such as the web pages you visit, the links you click, and the searches you conduct on the websites. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the websites. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the websites, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.
  • The information generated by those cookies and your current IP-address will be transmitted by your browser to and will be stored by Google on servers in the United States and other countries. Google will use this information on our behalf for the purpose of evaluating your use of this website as described above. The IP address collected through Google Analytics will not be associated with any other data held by Google.
  • You can prevent these cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. If you do this, you may not be able to use the full functionality of our website.
  • The cookies used on our websites are categorised in accordance with the International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom Cookie Guide as follows:
  • Cookies which are “strictly necessary” for functionality of the websites’ platforms. These cookies are essential in order to enable users to move around the websites and use their features.
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Cookies Settings

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  • To modify your cookie settings, please refer to the Help menu of your browser or visit You can usually choose to set your browser to warn you when a cookie is being sent or to remove or reject cookies. If you choose to remove or reject cookies, it will affect many features or services on our websites.”

Cash Poker Rules

  • All cash games are professionally dealer dealt – The Poker Supervisor will oversee all aspects of the cash game
  • All cash games are subject to rake (fees) – Please refer to the VGC table limits & rake charges for further details
  • No Limit Texas Hold ’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Dealer’s Choice will be available
  • Poker Supervisor/Manager decision is final, all rulings & will be made in the interests of a fair game
  • The waiting lists are controlled by the Poker Supervisor, generally seating is on a first come first served basis
  • The Poker Supervisor will seat the player. Keeping the first game full and open will be a priority over keeping games balanced.
  • Reserves have 10 minutes to inform the Poker Supervisor of their intentions once called
  • Player can only play one table at any time including tournament tables
  • Playing over someone else’s stack maybe allowed on the Poker Supervisors discretion
  • Spectators are not allowed in the cash game area
  • A non-player may not sit at the table
  • Cash will be exchanged for chips by the Poker supervisor or chip runner
  • In order for their intended buy-in or top-up to be valid, a player must declare the amount they wish to buy-in for before receiving cards
  • It is each players responsibility to be aware of any announcements of buy-ins or top ups from others in the game
  • Players are allowed one short buy-in, however the player must have at least made one full buy-in at the table
  • Chip weeding is not allowed – Chips may only be taken from the table to pay for incidental costs e.g. Food, drinks & tips
  • Players are not allowed to loan chips from their stack to another player at the table
  • Chips must be visible at the table with highest denominations in clear view
  • Should a player be away from the table for more than half an hour, their chips may be removed by the Poker Supervisor to allow another player to be seated
  • If a player leaves a game and then intends to return within four hours, they must sit with at least the amount they left with
  • Limited moving of tables is allowed at the Poker Supervisors discretion. The first game will always take priority over the second, third etc. game of the same stakes
  • Players must move with their full stack if they have come from the same stakes table – i.e. Moved from £1/£2 game to £1/£2 game. In all other cases players will need to sit down within the table limits
  • We try to keep tables balanced. However, to give priority to the first game, games of the same stake may often have different numbers of players
  • Tables that break will draw for any available seats at other tables if not enough are available for all remaining players
  • In the event multiple tables become short-handed the supervisor may offer the option to merge tables & will advise on stack limits beforehand
  • Last three hands will be called before tables are closed – where possible notice will be given in advance
  • Blinds will be off the button for Texas Hold ’em and Omaha and on the button for Dealer’s Choice
  • Button position is drawn by high card at the start of the game
  • Buying the button is allowed with both blinds posted, small blind dead and big blind live
  • No dead buttons on cash games, the button will advance in this situation to the next player and the blinds will be adjusted accordingly
  • Running it twice is only allowed at the discretion of the Poker Supervisor
  • One straddle in order is allowed. More straddles may be allowed for higher stakes games at the discretion of the Poker Supervisor
  • Side bets and prop bets which affect the integrity of the game are not allowed
  • Seat changes at the discretion of the management
  • Table balancing will be enforced in the fairness of the game
  • Feeder games are not encouraged but may take place at the discretion of the Poker Supervisor
  • On occasions seats may be available in a pre-arranged VIP game
  • Feeder or must move tables will be used for VIP games
  • A player must move from the feeder table to keep a minimum 7 players on the Main Game
  • The first person on the list will get first option to move. If no-one wants to move the first person on the list will have to move
  • Speech play is allowed, however abusive speech/acts towards patrons and staff will not be tolerated
  • Players that fail to protect their hand will have no redress
  • If an incorrect rule interpretation or decision by an employee is made in good faith, the establishment have no liability
  • Rulings may change or vary dependent on the situation to uphold the integrity and fairness of the game
  • The Poker Manger decision is FINAL


Ruby Lounge VIP Game

Stakes: £5/£10

Rake: 2.5% Capped @ £15 – Rake in £5 increments

Minimum sit down: £1,000 – £5,000 Max

VIP Feeder Game

Stakes: £2/£5

Rake: 5% Capped @ £10 – Rake in £1 Increments

Minimum sit down: £500 – £2,500 max

Low Stakes Cash Games

5% Capped at £5 – Rake in 25p Increments

NLH – £1/£1 – £30 Minimum – £250 Max                            – Omaha – £1/£1 – £50 Minimum – No Max

NLH – £1/£2 – £50 Minimum – £500 Max                            – Omaha – £2/£2 – £100 Minimum – No Max

  • To book your VIP seat contact or 0113 468 8049.
  • You may be placed on the Feeder Table before a VIP Table seat becomes available
  • If the VIP Table is full, players must go through the Feeder Table to join the VIP Table
  • Players on Feeder Table MUST move to VIP Table in order – First on the list is given priority
  • The moving players full stack (Chips) from Feeder Table will be brought over and placed on VIP Table
  • All other VGC Poker Cash Game Rules apply (Click Here)
  • VGC Cash Games run from 6pm – 8am

Food & Beverage Gift Vouchers

Terms and conditions:

  • All vouchers are to be redeemed at V restaurant, Live Bare or Curve.
  • All postage of vouchers is to UK addresses only.
  • All vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of sale. Vouchers not used within this time will be forfeited with no entitlement to refund or exchange. It is not possible to extend the voucher beyond the stated 6 month validity period.
  • Reservations are subject to availability, at our discretion. Please call the telephone number specified on the restaurant’s home page to make your reservation. Purchase of a voucher is not a guarantee of a reservation.
  • Purchases made with vouchers are not refundable in cash.
  • Vouchers are not refundable in cash or replaceable if lost, destroyed or stolen.
  • All vouchers must be presented by the customer on arrival at the relevant restaurant or bar and must be mentioned when booking.
  • Vouchers can only be used for a single transaction; any remaining amount is not exchangeable for cash or another voucher and will be automatically forfeited.
  • The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • For voucher queries relating to the menus, restaurants or bookings please call 01134688049 or see the eat or drink section on our website.

Loyalty Scheme

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
    • Membership of the Victoria Gate Loyalty Programme (the “Programme”) is free.
    • Employees of the Victoria Gate Casino are not eligible for the Programme.
    • Only one membership of the loyalty Programme per person is permitted.
    • Registration to the Programme is not compulsory or automatic.
    • To join the programme, customers must provide, their name, address and respond to a query as to their occupation. Suitable ID may be required subject to the level of play, is mandatory for Bronze customers spending or cashing out above £1500 and is a condition of Silver, Gold and Black tiers. Information will be recorded on the Victoria Gate customer management system.
  • Customers may be required to provide further due diligence information prior to being permitted to join the programme, subject to their status.
  • Membership of the Programme is for individuals only.
    Victoria Gate Casino reserves the right to deny or withdraw any participation in the Programme or a customers’ application.
    • By registering to the Programme customers will be asked whether they wish to receive marketing materials and by which format including but not restricted to, email, mail, SMS and telephone.
    • Membership and benefits are not transferable.
    • It is a customer’s responsibility to notify Victoria Gate Casino of any changes to their details, including, but not limited to, their change of name and address.
    • All benefits are subject to availability.
    • The benefits of the Programme are intended for the use of the person listed on the account.
    • Cards may be used to track play by the account member only.
    • In the event of death this will result in cancellation of the Programme membership and forfeiture of the available benefits.
    • In the event of bankruptcy this will result in cancellation of the Programme membership. Any outstanding benefits will be cancelled immediately
  • Victoria Gate Casino reserves the right to modify or cancel this Programme at any time, for any reason.
  • Individuals who are excluded from casino facilities, including through a national exclusion scheme, by their own request, or those excluded by Victoria Gate Casino are not eligible.
    • Customers who become excluded through a government programme, by their own request, or are excluded by Victoria Gate Casino could have their Programme membership and available benefits cancelled.
    • In the event of outstanding monies owed to the Victoria Gate Casino, the programme benefits may be suspended pending payment of the outstanding debt.
    • All decisions regarding these terms and conditions lie solely with Victoria Gate Casino, whose decisions are final and binding.
    • No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this scheme or these Terms and Conditions.
    • The details of all Members are kept in files administered by: The Data Controller, Victoria Gate Casino Ltd., Victoria Gate, Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7JL and will be used for company purposes only.
    • Victoria Gate Casino will only share details of members, including their personal data or details regarding their winnings/losses with Victoria Gate partners, affiliates and in the case of co-branded loyalty cards, with their our associate partner for such co-branded loyalty cards.
    • By participating in this Programme, participants agree to these terms and conditions which shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and both parties each submit to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Food and Beverage Discounts

  • There are 3 tiers in the Programme that offer discounts on food and drink, these include the following;

Gold– 50% off food and drink.

Black – 50% off food and drink.

  • All tiers, complimentary draft soft drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Card must be shown to receive the associated discount

Discount is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice


Please see Bingo Rules of Play.

Casino War

Standards of play: At the beginning of each game each player must make a Casino War wager (“Primary Wager”). To win the primary wager, the rank of the player’s card must exceed the rank of the player/dealer’s card.

If the player and dealer’s cards have the same rank the player is given the option to go to “War” with the dealer. The player must make another bet equal to their primary wager to exercise the “War” option, the dealer also matches the player’s primary wager and places it next to the player’s. The dealer then “burns” three cards and deals a single card to the player(s) and then themselves. If the player’s card has a higher rank than the dealer’s card then the player wins the “War”. If the player’s card has a lower rank than the dealer’s card, the player loses. If the player and the dealer’s cards are of equal rank on the “War” the player wins the “War”.

The winner of the “War” collects all the money on the table and the dealer starts a new game.

If the player chooses not to “War” with the dealer, he or she may option to surrender half their Primary wager.

In addition to the primary wager, the player may elect, prior to any cards being dealt, to make a Tie wager. To win the Tie wager, the ranks of the player and the player/dealer’s cards must be equal.

Type of gaming table utilised for this game:

Casino War shall be played on a table having betting areas for seven (7) places on one side for the players. There is a place for the Casino dealer on the opposite side of the table. Within each betting area, there will be a separate circle for the placement of the tie bet.

Number of players in the game:

A minimum of two and a maximum of eight players (including the dealer position) may participate in the game. One player only per position.

Type of card deck used:

  1. Physical Characteristics: Cards used to play Casino War shall be in standard decks of fifty-two (52) cards.
  2. Number of Decks: Cards used to play Casino War shall be played with six (6) decks of cards.
  3. The cards shall be separated into two batches with an equal number of decks included in each batch.
  4. The backs of the cards in each batch shall be of the same colour and design.

Ranking of Hands:

1.The rank of the cards used in Casino War, for the purpose of determining a winning hand, shall be, in order from the highest to lowest rank: ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. The suit of a card shall have no effect on its rank.

Betting scheme:

  1. All wagers at Casino War shall be made by placing gaming chips on the appropriate betting areas of the table layout, keeping in mind the table minimum and maximum wagering limits.
  2. All wagers shall be placed prior to the dealer announcing, “No more bets.” No bets shall be made, increased, or withdrawn after the dealer has announced, “No more bets.”
  3. At the beginning of each round of play, each player shall be required to place a primary wager.
  4. Each player at a Casino War table, who has placed a primary wager as required above, shall also have the option to make the optional Tie wager.
  5. The dealer will collect all losing wagers and will pay all winning wagers to the extent of their wager.

Dealing procedures:

  1. Prior to starting the first round of play after the cards have been cut and placed in the dealing shoe, the dealer shall burn the first three (3) cards from the shoe face down and, without revealing the ranks to anyone, place them in the discard rack, which shall be located on the table in front of or to the right of the dealer. Each new dealer who comes to the table shall also discard one burn card before dealing any cards in a round of play.
  2. Prior to dealing any cards, the dealer shall announce “No more bets.” Each card shall be removed from the dealing shoe with the left hand of the dealer and placed face up on the appropriate area of the layout with the right hand of the dealer.
  3. Whenever the cutting card is reached in the deal of the cards, the dealer shall continue dealing the cards until that round of play is completed after which the cards shall be reshuffled.
  4. No player shall touch any card used in the game of Casino War other than the cutting card.
  5. The dealer shall, starting with the player farthest to the dealer’s left and continuing in a clockwise manner, deal the cards as follows:
  6. One card face up to each player who has placed on primary wager; and then
  7. One card face up to the dealer.

Round of Play

  1. After the dealing procedures above have been completed, the dealer shall, beginning from the dealer’s left and proceeding around the table in a clockwise direction, compare the rank of each player’s card with that of the dealer’s card and settle all primary and tie wagers.
  2. If a player’s card is lower in rank than the dealer’s card, the player shall lose his/her primary wager and, if applicable, tie wager.
  3. If a player’s card is higher in rank than the dealer’s card, the player shall win his/her primary wager and, if applicable, lose his/her tie wager.
  4. If the player’s card and the dealer’s card are of equal rank (a tie), the player shall be afforded the options specified in (3) below as to his/her primary wager.
  5. All losing primary wagers and tie wagers shall be collected by the dealer. All winning primary wagers and tie wagers shall be paid by the dealer in accordance with the approved pay out table as provided below.
  6. If a player has a tie hand, the player shall be offered one of the following options:
  7. The player may surrender one-half of his/her primary wager and end his/her participation in that round of play. If a player selects this option, the dealer shall collect one-half of the player’s primary wager. The dealer shall return the remaining one-half of the primary wager to the player’s position. The dealer shall then proceed around the table in a clockwise direction, repeating the process for each player with a tie hand who selects this option.
  8. By opting to go to “War”, the player must place a war wager equal to their primary wager. The dealer will place a wager equal to the player’s primary wager next to the player’s primary wager.
  9. After settling all primary wagers and tie wagers on the original deal, the dealer shall collect the cards of all players except for the cards of those players with a tie hand who have elected to go to war. The collected cards shall be placed in the discard rack in a manner that permits the reconstruction of each hand of the original deal in case of a question or dispute.
  10. If any player elects to make a war wager upon the occurrence of a tie hand, the dealer shall confirm the placement of the war wager and collect the full amount of the player’s primary wager. The player’s card and the dealer’s card from the original deal shall remain exposed during the war deal.
  11. The war deal shall begin by the dealing of the next card face up to the player farthest to the dealer’s left who has placed a war wager. The player’s war deal card shall be placed on the table adjacent to the player’s card from the original deal. The dealer shall then proceed around the table in a clockwise direction, repeating the process for each player who has placed a war wager and then the dealer’s.
  12. After the dealing procedures above have been completed, the dealer shall, beginning from the dealer’s left and proceeding around the table in a clockwise direction, compare the rank of each player’s card from the war deal to the dealer’s card from the war deal and settle all war wagers.
  13. If the player’s card in the war deal is lower in rank than the dealer’s card in the war deal, the player loses.
  14. If the player’s card in the war deal is higher in rank than the dealer’s card in the war deal, the player shall win the three units wagered.
  15. If the player’s card and the dealer’s card in the war deal are of equal rank, the player shall win the three units wagered and an additional unit.
  16. All losing war wagers shall be collected by the dealer. All winning war wagers shall be paid in accordance with the approved pay out odds. After the collection of all losing wagers and the payment of all winning wagers from the war deal, the dealer shall remove all remaining cards from the table and place them in the discard rank in a manner that permits the reconstruction of each hand of the war deal in case of a question or dispute.

Pay out Odds

Winning wagers shall be paid as follows:

A primary wager shall be paid at odds of 1 to 1

A tie wager shall be paid at odds of 10 to 1.

A war wager shall be paid at odds of 1 to 2, unless the war deal results in a tie hand, in which case a war wager shall be paid at odds of 1 to 1.

Glossary of Terms


The following words and terms, when used in this Section, shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

Burn card means a card that the dealer removes from the shoe and places face down in the discard rack without revealing its rank to anyone.

Primary wager means the wager that must be made by a player prior to any cards being dealt in order to participate in the round of play.

Original deal means the first card that is dealt to each player and the dealer to determine the primary wager in a round of play.

Round of play means one complete cycle of play during which each player at the table has placed a primary wager, has been dealt a card has surrendered or gone to war, if appropriate, and has had his or her wagers paid or collected in accordance with this Section.

Suit means one of the four categories of cards: club, diamond, heart or spade.

Tie hand means the rank of a player’s card and the rank of the dealer’s card are equal. Tie wager means an optional wager, made it the same time as an primary wager or war wager, that the deal on which the tie wager is made will result in a tie hand.

War means the decision of a player, in accordance with the option offered, to place a war wager when there is a tie hand on the original deal.

War deal means the deal of the cards that follows the placement of a war wager.

War wager means a wager, equal in amount to the player’s primary wager, that is required to be made if the player elects to go to war.

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