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  • The House Edge

    The thrill of the spin and the element of risk is a huge part of the attraction with casinos. Games like roulette, blackjack and punto banco are classed as bankers’ games.


These are games of ‘unequal chance’ with the advantage in favour of the casino or ‘the house’.

This advantage is called the house edge. It’s an indication of the percentage a casino expects to gain following normal patterns of play, as an average from each hand or each spin.

How it works

In games like blackjack, where the dealer ‘holds the bank’ the dealer wins all bets from every losing player, including himself. The player, however, only wins if their hand beats the dealer’s. Roulette, another banker’s game, achieves the house edge by the casino paying out slightly lower than the true odds. For instance, 36-1 is the true odds for a roulette number to win. This is because there are thirty-seven pockets for the ball. Yet the winners are paid out at 35-1.

The edge of the world

The House Edge is a common factor of International Casino Gaming, accepted the world over. Luckily it’s usually less in the UK than other countries.
As the Gambling Commission supports and encourages transparency within the industry, this leaflet is to help players understand The House Edge and be aware of it while gaming.

Our house edge

We’ve included our house edge here. Some of these figures will vary depending on playing conditions, individual techniques and strategy. The games that can be played and their odds are detailed in a list of rules published by the Gambling Commission. 

The house edge game-by-game

In the meantime, here’s an insight into the North’s Super Casino.

Roulette even chance bets 1.35%
Bets on the layout 2.7%
Double zero Roulette (all bets) 5.26%
Spread bet Roulette 8.4% –12.7%

Blackjack 4 decks (best technique) 0.51%
(0.85% where dealer draws on soft 17)
Blackjack 6 decks (best technique) 0.55%
(0.89% where dealer draws on soft 17)
Side bets
21+3 (4 Decks) 4.24% (6 decks) 3.23%
Super Pairs (4 decks) 10.35% (6 decks) 5.37%
Top 3 (4 decks) 15.04% (6 decks) 11.07%

Pair plus 2.7%
Overall game 2.0%
Prime bet 3.62%

Bank 1.06%
Player 1.24%
Tie 14.4%

Base game 2.64%
Flush bet 7.80%
Straight Flush bet 13.09%


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