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  • Cocktail trends to shake up 2019

Cocktail trends to shake up 2019

1st March, 2019

Leeds nightlife wouldn’t be the same without sampling some of the city’s best cocktail bars. As we prepare to launch our new cocktail menu, we’re exploring some of this year’s most exciting cocktail trends – from smokey American flavours to hints of smooth vanilla.

The espresso martini has become a firm favourite among drinkers, and a regular request at Leeds’s bars and restaurants. This year though, the humble espresso martini is being adapted and upgraded. Bartenders will be adding complementary flavours to the original recipe – including honey and chocolate. Our own cocktail bar, Curve, will also feature 11 other new martinis on our drinks menu, with dark, bold flavour combinations and lighter, sweeter options for those who prefer a more delicate drink.

That leads us on to cocktails inspired by popular food pairings. Dessert is especially popular in the North, and we’ve designed our new cocktail menu with that in mind. The lemon drop martini is already stirring up interest thanks to its likeness to everyone’s favourite classic sweet, while the melon ball is a cocktail with a tropical edge – perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Herbal flavours are also stealing the limelight on drinks menus this year, and cocktails with notes of elderflower or rose are ever-growing in popularity. Our honey and elderflower martini is shaken with Żubrówka Bison Grass, St. Germain elderflower liquor and honey to sweeten the deal.

Sparkling cocktails are on the rise in 2019, with flavoured Bellini’s and fruity, summery, prosecco cocktails taking centre stage. Angostura bitters, Chambord, mint and lemon all make an excellent addition for a variation on the classic glass of fizz.

Not forgetting the classics, drinks such as the Negroni and the Manhattan remain at the core of every cocktail bar’s menu in Leeds city centre, but with the odd twist, here and there. Bartenders will be using alternative spirits from niche brands in the masses this year to give a new taste to classic cocktail recipes. The margarita on our new menu is slightly sweeter than the average, thanks to a dash of honey, while our bramble is created using Brockman’s smooth, premium gin. Either drink makes the perfect accompaniment for taking in the view from our rooftop terrace in summer or relaxing for some after work drinks.

We’re delighted to launch our new cocktail menu in March, so if you’re looking for a cocktail bar in Leeds, come and be the first to sample one of our mixed-to-perfection martinis.

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